Monday, December 09, 2013

Community Tapestry - A Collaboration

I think it was about year ago when I proposed a project whereby I invited people to send me a piece of paper to weave into a larger paper tapestry that was meant to represent the strength of a diverse community.  I received a nice variety of personal pieces of paper from shopping lists to poems, from math calculations to works of art. There's a nice variety of ages. There are works from children schooled and homeschooled. People from different races, beliefs and backgrounds submitted paper to me. I even received a lock of hair and the next page of a journal - both items adding another level of meaning to the work, not apparent upon first glance, but understood with greater investigation.  Each strip of paper was coated in wax, with another layer of wax brushed over the surface.  I would love to do a really large piece like this some day, with an even greater range of people represented, but for now, here's this one:  

Community Tapestry - A Collaboration
Collected scraps of paper and wax
30 x 20 inches


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